Spiritual Meditation Workshop (Free)

Spiritual Meditation Workshop (Free)

with Dada Satyamitrandanda

Monday, February 11th, 2024 @ 11:00AM

Join Monk Dada Satyamitrandanda in this complimentary 1.5-hour session to delve into the core of yoga and meditation. Enhance your meditation preparation with specific asanas, savor a brief kirtan session, and unwind with a guided meditation led by Dada. Ease into spiritual exploration with this relaxed, insightful, and informative experience. While this event is offered free of charge, any donations are welcomed, though not expected. Your presence is truly valued.
Dada Satyamitrandanda is a Monk with over 23 years of experience in the fields of Raja Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Classical Hatha Yoga, Natural Yoga Therapy, Biopsychology, and meditation.

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About Antigua

Antigua is a small city surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala. The city’s cobbled 9×9 block streets are slow paced, easy-to-navigate with cafes, farm-to-table restaurants, artisan markets, and historical sites located throughout. It’s renowned for its colorful Spanish colonial buildings, this beautiful and magical city has almost five hundred years of history, with a privileged all-year-long climate. If you visit Guatemala during February and March for our training, you can expect warm, dry days, with little to no rainfall. Temperatures average in the high 70s during this time.  

About Shakti-Shala

Shakti Shala was born out of a desire to create a home for yoga in Antigua, Guatemala, where people from near and far could explore and expand in their yoga practice. Our studio is rooted in the Ashtanga lineage, which is reflected in our Mysore program, Ashtanga, Rocket & vinyasa classes, but we also offer gentle classes such as mellow and candlelit vinyasa.  Join our community, come discover this beautiful town, and practice with us.