Miles Rocket Weekend

Rocket Weekend Immersion

3 Day weekend immersion of practice & workshops

Friday, April 19th - Sunday, April 21st 2024

Derived from Ashtanga vinyasa, Rocket Yoga is an energetic and invigorating practice that links breath to movement through a dynamic practice whilst incorporating a space of play and exploration for the practitioner, exploring postures in a way you wouldn’t normally do in the traditional Ashtanga sequence.
This weekend, we will explore the original rocket sequences in masterclass settings, following their structure whilst also adding in creativity with a variety of options and variations for you to explore. 
The workshops will then focus on the more acute elements of the practice, allowing you to expand your capabilities within those areas to give you more play, expression, and understanding to step into your flow on the mat. 
Come in with an open and curious mindset, let your ego drop to the side, and don’t be afraid to fly or fall!


Friday, April 19th 
6:00-8:00 pm Rocket 1 Masterclass
Saturday, April 20th 2024
10:00 – 12:00 pm Rocket 2 Masterclass
2:00 – 5:00 pm Rocket Transitions Workshop
This workshop will help you to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a more dynamic practice in your arm balances and inversions. We will break down the role and use of bandhas, the relationship to your centre of gravity, understanding the kinesiology in relation to arm balances and inversions, and how to find the balance and stability between them.
This workshop is open-level except for beginners. Being comfortable poses like crow and headstand is recommended.
 Sunday, April 21st 2024
10:00 – 12:00 pm Inverted State of Mind Masterclass
In this masterclass, we will delve into Miles‘ unique sequencing, which serves as the foundation for his personal practice and is shared in his teacher training. It combines elements from Ashtanga, Rocket, and Dharma traditions, put together in a creative way that compliments each other whilst also expressing Miles‘ teachings.
This particular class will centre on backbends and hip-opening whilst exploring a good variety of inversions and transitions.
All levels are welcome to join, except for those who are complete beginners.
1:00 – 3:30 pm Handstand Workshop
This handstand workshop is suitable for both students who are just starting to explore balance while practising against the wall and those who may already have the foundation of a stable handstand.
During the workshop, we will focus on three key aspects of handstands: proper alignment, improving balance, and building endurance.
Whether you’re just beginning to find your balance or already have some experience with handstands, you’ll acquire valuable skills to reinforce the fundamentals in a fun and engaging manner. If you’re currently relying on the wall for support, you’ll also gain insights into transitioning towards a wall-free handstand practice while using the wall as a helpful tool.
$195 full price 
 $180 early bird / Ends March 19th 2024
$35 drop in classes
$50 workshops

About Miles Mortensen

Originally from Australia, Miles was introduced to yoga and its teachings by his mother. However, it was only after relocating to London in 2013 that Miles truly delved into the practice and began to explore its impact on his life, establishing a healthy connection between his body and mind.
Miles’ teaching foundation is anchored in Ashtanga yoga and its dynamic counterpart, Rocket yoga. Additionally, Dharma has become an integral part of Miles’ personal practice. As a result, Miles’ classes reflect this fusion, offering creative flows that intertwine elements from all three styles while paying homage to their traditional origins. He strives to create an environment that encourages students to embrace playfulness and exploration while incorporating the fundamental components that have shaped these practices.
Over time, Miles has devoted himself to honing his craft as a yoga instructor, seeking inspiration from a diverse range of training modalities. Among these, gymnastic strength training and hand balancing have emerged as significant elements in his personal journey. Hand balancing has become a deep passion and a big part of Miles’ training and practice, providing a space internally that reflects the stillness, clarity, and mindfulness Miles has met within yoga.
What has truly fascinated Miles in the exploration of yoga and hand balancing is witnessing the boundless potential of both the mind and body. They intertwine as intricate systems, enabling individuals to push the boundaries of their beliefs.
Miles’ driving force and ultimate passion stem from learning through personal experience and subsequently sharing that knowledge with others, making the practice relatable and applicable, empowering them to enhance their own lives. To learn more about Miles, visit his site.
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About Antigua

Antigua is a small city surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala. The city’s cobbled 9×9 block streets are slow paced, easy-to-navigate with cafes, farm-to-table restaurants, artisan markets, and historical sites located throughout. It’s renowned for its colorful Spanish colonial buildings, this beautiful and magical city has almost five hundred years of history, with a privileged all-year-long climate. If you visit Guatemala during February and March for our training, you can expect warm, dry days, with little to no rainfall. Temperatures average in the high 70s during this time.  

About Shakti-Shala

Shakti Shala was born out of a desire to create a home for yoga in Antigua, Guatemala, where people from near and far could explore and expand in their yoga practice. Our studio is rooted in the Ashtanga lineage, which is reflected in our Mysore program, Ashtanga, Rocket & vinyasa classes, but we also offer gentle classes such as mellow and candlelit vinyasa.  Join our community, come discover this beautiful town, and practice with us.