Acro Workshop

Acro Workshop with Danya Xena - 11:30- 2:00 PM Sunday June 11th, 2023

Get upside down with, under and on top people! Expect a supportive environment, where we will co-create and use progressions to build acro postures.  Come and learn great techniques to use gravity to your advantage and make partner acro fun, predictability, accessible and safe!

Pre-reqs: Previous experience is not required – though for this particular workshop participants will experience more success if they have an inversion practice (handstands or headstands assisted or by the wall).  

Come with: An open mind, a positive attitude, the desire learn technique, and keen to learn how to spot and keep each other safe.

Community Values:  We will aim to create these community values together: Consent, Communication, CoCreate, Connection, Trust, Support, Respect, Community, LiftEachOtherUp 


Whatsapp Danya: +1-908-525-2365

  • All Levels // For this workshop participants will experience more success if they have an inversion practice (handstands or headstands assisted or by the wall).  
  • No previous Acro experience required
  • Come along or with people

What is the cost to participate?

Radical Hospitality!


There are different workshop entrance fees

  • 100Q for folks that don’t have much extra money at all,
  • 200Q for folks that have some but not a lot,
  • 300Q for folks that are comfortable, and have more and want to give more to help subsidies the people that don’t have.
  • And if anyone really can’t contribute financially, or less than the lowest price listed but they really want to be there they can also join .  This is the meaning of radical hospitality.  You can help by sharing the event and inviting more people to attend. 

¡Ponte boca abajo con, debajo y encima de la gente! Espere un entorno de apoyo, donde co-crearemos y usaremos progresiones para construir posturas acrobáticas. ¡Ven y aprende excelentes técnicas para usar la gravedad a tu favor y haz que las acrobacias en pareja sean divertidas, predecibles, accesibles y seguras!

Requisitos previos: no se requiere experiencia previa, aunque para este taller en particular, los participantes experimentarán más éxito si tienen una práctica de inversión (paradas de manos o cabezas asistidas o por la pared).

Ven con: una mente abierta, una actitud positiva, el deseo de aprender técnicas y ganas de aprender a detectar y mantener a salvo a los demás.

Valores de la comunidad:

Apuntaremos a crear estos valores comunitarios juntos: Consentimiento, Comunicación, CoCrear, Conexión, Confianza, Apoyo, Respeto, Comunidad, y LevántenseUn@sAOtr@s


WhatsApp Danya: +1-908-525-2365

  • Todos los niveles // para este taller, los participantes experimentarán más éxito si tienen una práctica de inversión (paradas de manos o cabezas asistidas o por la pared).
  • No se requiere experiencia previa en Acro
  • Ven solo o con acompañante

¿Cuál es el costo para participar?

Radical Hospitality!


Hay diferentes precios de entradas

  • 100Q para personas que no tienen mucho dinero extra,
  • 200Q para personas que tienen algo pero no mucho,
  • 300Q para personas que se sientan cómodas, y que tienen más y quieren dar más para ayudar a subsidiar a las personas que no tienen.

Y si alguien realmente no puede contribuir financieramente, menos que el precio más bajo indicado pero realmente quiere estar allí, también puede unirse .  Este es el significado de la hospitalidad radical.  Puedes ayudar compartiendo el evento e invitando a más personas a asistir.

Meet ​Your Instructor  

For many years, Danya Xena traveled the world as a full-time acro teacher.  She creates supportive, safe, collaborative and fun learning environments.  With a focus on dynamic acrobatics Danya encourages everyone’s inner Super Heroes by offering a community feeling with great progressions and awesome spotting.   As a mid-weight acrobat she is both a base and a flyer, and as such, has a great understanding of both sides of the practice.

Danya founded the SuperHero Circus Academy and FemPower Acro and has taught in over 100 communities internationally.  Danya brings with her a career in adult education, coaching and facilitation, a deep passion for social justice, and a Masters degree in Diversity Studies with a focus on pedagogy (the art and science of teaching). Danya is certified as both a Partner Acrobatics and Acro Revolution Teacher and attended  Pitch Catch Circus runs the Acro and Social Justice Teacher Training program. She is the co-founder of,  an organization that offers intersectional social justice training and consulting to level up communities and companies. They work with work with individuals, organizations, NGOs, corporations, and collectives.

LinkTree: DanyaXena

FB: DanyaXena

IG: DanyaXenaAcroPrincess

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